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Hand Operated Diaphragm Dispensing Valve for Cyanoacrylate Adhesives

hand Lever Diaphragm Valve for Cyanoacrylates

The ADL-200CAM is a cost effective diaphragm valve which is ideal for making controlled deposits of most low to medium viscosity liquids. The wetted parts are made from PTFE Teflon for clog free handling of reactive adhesives such as Cyanoacrylates.

The ADL-200CAM Hand held Diaphragm Valve provides precise and continuous micro shot applications for a number of fluids. This low cost hand held valve is excellent for Low to medium viscosity fluids. The hand lever will open the diaphragm thus allowing fluids to flow quickly; when it is released the diaphragm will go back to the closed position. This low cost unit doesn't require the use of a time/pressure dispenser.

Model ADL-200CAM with Teflon polymer wetted parts is used for dispensing solvents, cyanoacrylates, anaerobics and fluxes. This version is a manual hand held valve (non timed) that will accept a direct feed of adhesive or liquid from a pressure pot.

Adhesive Dispensing Ltd provide a wide range of equipment options for dispensing almost all assembly fluids - from watery liquids, solvents, primers and activators through to thick pastes, sealants, silicones, gels and epoxies.

Make beads of adhesives Beading
Bonding of components Bonding
Sealing of components Sealing
Dispense lubricants and greases Lubricating


  Part ID: ADL-200CAM  
  Wetted Materials: Teflon
  Size: 159mm L x 45mm Diameter
  Weight: 150g
  Viscosity Range: 1 - 5,000 CPS
  Flow Rate (water): 1950ml/minute @ 100 psi
  Max Fluid Pressure: 50 psi
  Material Inlet: 1/8" NPT
  Material Outlet: M8
  Warranty: 1 Year
Part ID


Lead Time


ADL-200CAM Teflon Valve Ships in 24 Hours    each

Dispensing Valves

  Ideal for cyanoacrylates and anaerobics
  High precision solution supplied complete
  Controlled dispensing of most liquids
  Very cost effective solution
  Syringe feed, cartridge feed or pressure pot
  Supplied with fluid lines and tip kit

Hand Lever Teflon Diaphragm Valve Adhesive Dispensing

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  Shipment of this product

Products are shipped in the UK by courier on a tracked & insured service. Europe deliveries, items are shipped via DPD or DHL. For all international shipments, items are sent DHL or via FedEx.

  Maintenance of this product

The TS5600 series require little maintenance other than the replacement of the fluid lines, input fittings and tips.

  Typical Applications

Diaphragm valves are used for many varied assembly and production processes where controlled deposits of low to medium viscosity liquids need to be applied. Common applications include:-

Deposits of Cyanoacrylates  
Deposits of solvents
Deposits of PVA glues
Deposits of liquid fluxes
Deposits of threadlockers
General adhesive application
  What's Included?

The ADL-200CAM series valves are supplied with a starter kit. The parcel will arrive with:-

1 x valve
1 x clear luer lock fluid line
1 x black luer lock fluid line
1 x input fitting
5 x assorted dispense tips
1 x tip cap seal
1 x user guide