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10 Ounce Size Battery Cartridge Gun Applicator ...
Cartridge guns are suitable for the controlled application of pastes, gels, adhesives and fluids. This industrial applicator is designed to work with all 310ml size and 600ml caulking tube type cartridges and features a built-in adjustable electric regulator to set flow.
Battery powered 310ml cordless gun adhesive dispensing

The B600 battery operated mastic sealant gun comes in a sturdy purpose built carry case for safety and convenience and includes all the essential components you'll need for speedy and efficient mastic sealant application to both horizontal and vertical joints using all 600ml foil sachet, sausage sealants and all sized cartridges up to 400ml (simply pop the plunger on and off to change the plunger from sachet sausage to cartridge).

Advanced features include an adjustable speed regulator, residue indicator and reverse action (to eliminate drips).

Use with pre-filled silicone, sealant or RTV tubes (1/10 gallon size) or with our empty cartridges (part TS110C) and plungers (TS2P). For any application requiring controlled non-drip dispensing of sealants, silicones, greases, pastes, gels and other materials, this new dispensing system is ideal. Battery charges in around 20 minutes and will dispense up to 75 - 100 cartridges from a single charge. Accessories are available for this product.

  Includes; aluminium barrel, spare piston, nozzle, end cap, charger and free case
  All in 1-componment, accommodates cartridges and foil sachet sausages
  Compact, lightweight and very sturdy battery operated electric mastic sealant gun
  An extremely time-saving and useful addition for continuous mastic sealant application
  For medium viscosity product mass, compact and rodless
B600 Battery Gun

each ex. Vat.
Excludes carriage.

Product Code: B600
Lead Time:
5-7 Days
Cartridge Size: 10oz (310ml) - 600ml
Battery: 10.8V/ 1.1 Ah (Li-Ion)
Speed: Up to 10mm/ Second
Charger: 110V/ 220V
Charge Time: 25 Minute/ 80%

Weight: 1350 gram
Colour: Black/ Silver
Warranty: 1 Year
Product Code Qty Price GBP Add
B600 1   each
Spare Battery 1   each
C-110CXO Pneumatic Gun

each ex. Vat.
Excludes carriage.

Product Code: C-110CXO
Lead Time:
24 Hours
Cartridge Size: 10oz (310ml)
Max Air Pressure: 145 PSI (10 Bar)
Thrust: 0.71 kN (71kgf) at 50 psi (3.4 bar)
Air Hose Connection: 1/4" BSP Thread
Weight: 685 gram
Colour: Silver/ Black
Warranty: 1 Year
Product Code Qty Price GBP Add
C-110CXO 1   each
The guns are robust and handle most liquids and pastes dispensed from them. As the guns are battery powered and cordless, they can be used for most jobs including those in the field.

Materials: Steel/Aluminium/ Nylon
Colour: Black
Attachment: Threaded retainer
Size: 10oz (310ml/ 310cc)
Weight: 550 g

Items are shipped in the UK by a courier on a next day tracked and insured service for all items that are available from stock. Items on a lead time will be shipped as soon as they are made available.

Warranty: All guns are covered by a 1 (One) Year manufacturers warranty against fault.
Typical Uses: Guns are portable and can be used in a factory production or maintenance area, in an assembly department as well as for repair and re-work. Guns are commonly used in the field for repair or maintenance applications.

Common Applications:- Deposits of solder paste, Deposits of solder flux, Grease to bearings, Potting components with epoxy, RTV to edge seams, Silicone shots to bond products, Gasket sealant repair, Aircraft maintenance work, General adhesive applications.

Adhesive Dispensing Ltd provide a wide range of equipment options for dispensing almost all assembly fluids - from watery liquids, solvents, primers and activators through to thick pastes, sealants, silicones, gels and epoxies.
Cartridge Plunger Kits

Lead Time: 24 Hours

Full range of plastic cartridge and plunger kits to fit all manual guns. Each kit includes the same number of (10) cartridges and (10) plungers in the pack. Industrial grade and silicone free plastic parts compatible with adhesives & sealants. Read more...
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2.5oz   pack


6oz   pack


8oz   pack


10oz   pack


12oz   pack


20oz   pack


32oz   pack
Dispensing Nozzles

Lead Time: 24 Hours

A wide range of plastic nozzles with 1/4" NPT thread for leak free attachment to cartridges. Select by nozzle length & hole outlet size. In sealed packs of (10) nozzles, direct from stock. Read more...
Code Size Price GBP Add


2.5" L x 1/16"   pack


2.5" L x 1/8"   pack


4" L x 1/16"   pack


4" L x 1/8"   pack


6" L x 1/16"   pack


6" L x 1/8"   pack
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