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F5200N.1 Desktop Dispense Robot
F5200N.1 Dispensing Robot 200mm 

An innovative and modular dispensing robot, the UNITOP F5200N is a versatile system that can be used either as a desktop or a gantry system, allowing users to create their workstation. The strength of the UNITOP F5200N lies in its ability to create its own working area, enabling the system to be mounted to any work surface.  The system is suitable for use on any type of platform requiring a gantry type mounting with open access under the robot.  It is also ideal for conveyor fed automation or can be installed in work cells operating as a slave robot.

The new UNITOP F5200N is ideal for form-in-place gaskets, adhesives, potting, coating and filling.   The robot comprises a control module, a teach-pendant and an articulated-gantry.  The F5200N has a working area of 8 inch x 8 inch (200 x 200mm) with a resolution accuracy of 0.01mm. Using the teach pendant, the dispensing robot supports industry leading dispensing software and can store and retrieve up to 100 programs (400,000 points).

  • Ideal for form-in-place gaskets, adhesives, potting, coating and filling

  • High resolution 0.01mm

  • Performs continuous path and point-to-point motions

  • Quick fluid-purge button located on front panel

  • Software tip alignment routine for quick program offsets when changing dispensing tips

  • USB connector allows system updates and program interchange between robots

  • Step-and-repeat functions _ program one object only for multiple identical objects

  • On board 100 programs, 400,000 point memory capacity, 4,000 points per program

  • Available without Teach Pendant for multiple installations

Use robot with TS250 digital dispenser. Ordered separately.

Suitable for...
Make dots of adhesives Adhesives
Make beads of adhesives Silicones
Potting of components Epoxies
Bonding of components Flux Pastes
Sealing of components UV Cure
Dispense lubricants and greases Lubricants
Solder Pastes

Adhesive Dispensing Ltd provide a wide range of equipment options for dispensing almost all assembly fluids - from watery liquids, solvents, primers and activators through to thick pastes, sealants, silicones, gels and epoxies.

Working Size

No of Axis





200 x 200 x 50mm



469mm 389mm 499mm

F5200N dispensing robot

  1 x Base Robot with power cord
1 x LCD Teach Pendant with cable
1 x External start box (CE)
1 x 30/55cc Syringe Mount bracket & slide
1 x Digital Pneumatic controller
1 x Airline kit/ power cord kit
1 x I/O Cable to controller
1 x CD-ROM with manuals and user guides
1 x Syringe Kit (30cc and 55cc size)
1 x Tip Kit (145 assorted tips in case)
PTP Speed


Max Tool Weight

No of Programs



+/- 0.01mm

2kg 100 110/ 220V
Part Code Lead Time Price
F5200N * Usually ships 3-4 Weeks POA


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Tip Caps

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The robot has optional windows based software available to order here.

  CE Certification

Robots are provided with CE certification and come with a remote operation start and stop box and a safety interlock connector.

  F5200N Accessories

TS250 Dispenser

DPS501N Dispenser

Windows Software