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Benchtop Dispensing Robots 200mm Work Area...
Easy to program robots for making exact dots, beads, arcs and circles of most gels, fluids, pastes and adhesives. This version gives a working maximum dispensing area of 200mm by 200mm. Robots are supplied with LCD teach pendant, dispense controller & CE start/stop box. They include all I/O cables, connectors, pipes and fittings.
Janome J2203 dispensing robot 3 axis

Robots provide precise control over adhesive placement, from exact beads, to repeat timed dots or potting of components. Programming is simple via a teach pendant. Even complex patterns can be created quickly. Storage is to internal flash memory allowing for up to 255 programs to be created.

High speeds are achieved reducing time spent hand applying adhesives. Accuracy of placement and volume of fluid ensures zero waste, mess and error. Robots will dispense most materials including adhesives, pastes, epoxies, gels, silicones, sealants, RTV's, oils, grease, anaerobics, cyanoacrylates, inks and lubricants. Lead time around 2-3 weeks from order.

The J2200 series robots have a maximum base work area of 200mm x 200mm. In 2, 3 or 4 axis indexing. Use 2 axis for simple lines or dots to flat components. 3 axis will allow the head to index vertically to a height of 50mm. 4 axis for 360 degree head rotation (R) to dispense to the sides of components or around the outside of products. All robots are supplied with a digital syringe controller, I/O cable, CE compliance start/ stop box, teach pendant, airline hoses, syringe bracket, slide adjustment and detailed instruction manuals.

Purchase: JR2203N Robot  

GBP   each ex. Vat.
Excludes carriage.

Product Code: J2203
Lead Time:
4-5 Weeks

Summary: Compact 3 Axis XYZ robot dispenser with electronic teach pendant, digital dispenser & syringe barrel/ needle tip  kits. We ship this with accessories ready to use out of the box. It is CE approved & includes a full user guide.
Item Qty Price GBP Add
200mm Robot 1   each
Purchase: JR2204N Robot  

each ex. Vat.
Excludes carriage.

Product Code: J2204
Lead Time:
4-5 Weeks

Summary: Compact 4 Axis XYZ robot dispenser with electronic teach pendant, digital dispenser & syringe barrel/ needle tip  kits. We ship this with accessories ready to use out of the box. It is CE approved & includes a full user guide.
Item Qty Price GBP Add
200mm Robot 1   each
Purchase: JR Series Software  

each ex. Vat.
Excludes carriage.

Product Code: J2000-23
Lead Time:

Summary: Windows based programing software for use with all J series dispensing robots. Allows user to create complex programs via a computer then transfer to robot. Create, edit, save and load. For an unlimited number of programs. Supplied on a CD-ROM disc with full software licence.  
Item Qty Price GBP Add
Software 1   each
Purchase: Syringe Bracket Assembly  

each ex. Vat.
Excludes carriage.

Product Code: J2303
Lead Time:

Summary: Universal syringe bracket assembly for JR series dispensing robots. Height and width free adjustment. Fits all industry standard 30cc and 55cc size syringe barrels. Supplied ready to install to include mounting screws and washers. Screw knob is used to secure the barrel.  
Item Qty Price GBP Add
Syringe Bracket 1   each

Items are shipped in the UK by a courier on a tracked and insured service with products that are available from stock. Items on a longer lead time will be shipped as soon as they are made available.

Robots will handle all viscosity liquids from thin solvents to thick pastes. Customers use these systems for a wide range of dispense projects. Common applications include solder paste, fluxes, silicones, gels, UV cure, Cyanoacrylate & more.

1 x Base Robot with power cord
1 x LCD Teach Pendant with cable
1 x User Guide - Hardware & Software
1 x 30/55cc Syringe Mounting bracket
1 x TS250 Pneumatic controller
1 x TS250 airline kit/ power kit
1 x I/O Cable to controller
1 x Syringe Kit (30cc and 55cc sizes)
1 x Tip Kit (145 assorted tips)
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