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Motor driven auger valve with disposable feedpath

Motor driven dispense valve for applying repeat dots, controlled beads or potting of most adhesives and liquids. Uses disposable material path (DMP) to eliminate cleanup and maintenance. Operates from a digital dispenser with fluid feed from pressure pot, cartridge or syringe.


Rotary valves use a rotary feed screw (auger) to dispense fluid with a positive displacement action, allowing for ultra-precise control of the dispensing process. The unique design ensures that material is constantly present at the feed screw inlet, while the controlled rotation of the feed screw moves the material from the feed to the discharge point. Discrete control of the forward and reverse rotations of the feed screw controls the amount of material discharged.

The unique DMP (Disposable Material Path) valve (TS5000DMP) offers a choice of 3 different feed screw sizes (6, 8 and 16-pitch), all made of Delrin. The DMP Valve has a hinged doorway that opens easily so the disposable auger can be removed and replaced within seconds, while the line is still in operation, significantly reducing downtime and waste. The choice of left, right or centre hinge openings makes the valve suitable for mounting on most automated systems.

Suited to dispensing solder pastes, die attach, SMT adhesives, thermal compounds, pre-mixed and frozen epoxies, chip encapsulation and dam writing. Control the TS5000DMP valves with the TS500R digital controller.

Make dots of adhesives Dotting
Make beads of adhesives Beading
Potting of components Potting
Bonding of components Bonding
Sealing of components Sealing

Adhesive Dispensing Ltd provide a wide range of equipment options for dispensing almost all assembly fluids - from watery liquids, solvents, primers and activators through to thick pastes, sealants, silicones, gels and epoxies.

Product Details

Part ID: TS5000DMP

Size: 149mm L x 90mm W
Weight: 350g
Wetted Parts: Delrin, Viton, Nylon
Viscosity Range: 30 - 1.3 Million CPS
Min Shot Size: 1.5x10-5
Repeatability: 0.20%
Cycles Per Minute Max: 240
Max Fluid Pressure: 30 psi ( 2.1 Bar)
Material Inlet: Female Luer Lock
Material Outlet: Male Luer Lock
Valve Mounting: 1.0" Wide Channel
On/Off Pressure: 50 psi (3.4 Bar) Minimum
Warranty: 1 Year

Part ID Quantity


Lead Time

Price Buy
TS5000DMP 1 Motor drive auger valve 48 Hours   each
TS500R 1 Digital valve controller 48 Hours   each

Dispensing Valves

  Ideal for pastes, solder pastes, fluxes, SMT adhesives
  Precise and consistent shot sizes down to micro-litres
  Motor reverse capability for zero ooze/ drips
  Quick field replaceable wetted parts
  Adjustable dispense rates
  Zero cleanup with disposable feedpath components
  Wide variety of configurations
  Includes a 6 pitch, 8 pitch and 16 pitch feedpath
  Simple to control using the TS500R digital controller

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  Shipment of this product

Products are shipped in the UK by courier on a tracked & insured service. Europe deliveries, items are shipped via DPD or DHL. For all international shipments, items are sent DHL or via FedEx.

  Maintenance of this product

The TS5000DMP requires no ongoing maintenance other than the replacement of the auger feed path. This is a simple replacement part. One of the benefits of this valve is that the tubes are replaceable to eliminate the need of maintenance.

  Typical Applications

Auger valves are used for many varied assembly and production processes where controlled deposits of medium to high viscosity materials need to be applied. Common applications include:-

Dots and beads of solder pastes  
Dots and beads of flux pastes
Dots and beads of epoxies
Dots and beads of die attach
Dots and beads of heat sinks
Potting of components
General adhesive applications
  What's Included?

The TS5000DMP valve is supplied with a starter kit. The parcel will arrive with:-

1 x TS5000DMP valve
1 x 6 pitch feed path
1 x 8 pitch feed path
1 x 16 pitch feed path
1 x syringe attachment adapter
1 x syringe kit
5 x assorted dispense tips
1 x tip cap seal
1 x user guide