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Syringe Barrel Stands ...
Useful stands for holding any size syringe barrel upright on the work bench. Avoids leaving a filled barrel with watery liquid on its side and reduces adhesive or liquid mess.
SH300 Syringe Barrel Stand Adhesive Dispensing

SH300 Barrel Stand

New design syringe barrel holder stand for use on any work bench. Barrel is placed inside for a clean and organised work bench.

Prevents barrels being laid on bench top and eliminates mess. The inner plastic insert can be removed for easy cleaning.

Works with all barrel sizes including 3cc, 5cc, 6cc, 10cc, 30cc, 35cc, 50cc, 55cc and 60cc.

TS100 Barrel Stand

A more traditional syringe barrel holder made from a single coated steel frame and will accept barrel sizes 3cc, 5cc, 10cc, 30cc and 55cc.

Lightweight and easy to clean. All stand holders will keep the work area clean and ensure barrels are kept upright.

All products are industrial grade and are covered by our no-quibble One Year warranty against product fault or failure.

Information: Some dispensing applications use syringe barrels without a plastic wiper piston inserted, such as Cyanoacrylate adhesives. The reason is that some adhesives can stick the wiper piston during use.

So when a watery liquid is used without a piston, there is a possibility to draw liquid back into a pneumatic dispenser. These stands help prevent barrels being left on their side on the benchtop.

SH300 Syringe Barrel Stand

each ex. Vat.
Excludes carriage.

Product Code: SH300
Lead Time:
24 Hours
SH300 syringe stand holder 
Summary: Metal frame construction. Inner plastic sleeve to hold syringe can be removed for cleaning. Holds 3cc, 5cc, 10cc, 30cc and 55cc syringe barrels. Learn more ...
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SH300 1   each
TS100 Syringe Barrel Stand

each ex. Vat.
Excludes carriage.

Product Code: TS100
Lead Time:
24 Hours
Summary: Metal frame one piece construction. 3 hole sizes to fit different sized syringe barrels. Holds 3cc, 5cc, 10cc, 30cc and 55cc syringe barrels. Learn more ...
Product Code Qty Price GBP Add
TS100 1   each
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    Holds syringe barrel upright
  Compatible with all size syringe barrels
  Resistant to aggressive fluids & solvents
  Available from stock
  Small footprint on work bench
  Supplied in sealed packaging 
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