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Assistance with this product...

What are the typical fluids I can have packaged?

Packaging is available with many single part and dual component materials including solvents, sealants, UV cure, RTVs, PVA's, mastics, chemicals, greases, oils, epoxy resins, silicones, urethanes, conductives, polysulphides, adhesives and other materials. Single part materials can be supplied in syringe barrels or cartridges. Two part materials can be supplied premixed and frozen in syringes or cartridges or as two separate 'ready to mix' materials in dual cartridges, Techkit cartridges or hingepacks.

How does this system work?

We confirm a suitable size and type syringe, cartridge or kit to suit your applications once you specify to us the material used and provide a Material Safety Data Sheet and Technical Data Sheet. Material can either be supplied to us as free issue or we'll quote for us to supply the raw material as well as the packaging.

What are the benefits?

Receiving material pre-packaged offers many savings and benefits. Simple, safe and easy to use; packaging provides a way of dispensing without mess, waste and potentially harmful exposure to harmful materials. Zero fumes, exact mixing of 2 part materials without guessing ratio's. No trained personnel are required for mixing these products when the ratio's have been accurately set by us. Material costs are reduced by using sized packages to suit your applications. No need for mixing cups, spatulas, scales and other equipment.

What are the typical applications?

Perfect for all assembly and manufacturing processes as well as repair work, maintenance and field work.

How long are lead times?

We can usually supply packaged kits in less than 2 weeks from receipt of material for low to medium sized runs. Large volume packaging runs and if we are sourcing material for you can take longer.  Please contact us with details of your specific materials and we can confirm lead times.  We can always try to speed things up if kits are required urgently.

How are the kits supplied?

We supply all packaged components in sealed bags. Kits complete complete with data label and certificate of conformity as well as material safety datasheet and product datasheet. Labels include safety information, amount of material packaged, date of fill and shelf life. For certain materials, we might use a repacking partner or associate to reduce lead times and costs.

How do we prove the concept?

Samples can be provided upon receipt of raw material from you. This will usually take 7-10 days maximum. There is no charge for samples.

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