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TSR Series Robot Smart Machine Upgrades
Dispensing robots automate most fluid assembly processes ensuring fast and repeatable deposits without mess, waste or error. For making repeat dots, beads, arcs, circles and potting of almost any fluid, adhesive or paste. Easy to setup and run and these systems will reduce assembly time, improve consistency and eliminate mess.  These upgrade kits turn the standard TSR series robots into smart machines with software, vision and height sensors.

Techcon Smart Robot TSR-STVHKIT
First choose the Dispensing Robot series from the available 3 platforms:
TSR2201: 200mm X 200mm
TSR2301: 300mm X 300mm
TSR2401: 400mm X 400mm.

Then choose the Smart features which are available as add-on kits:
TSR-STVHKIT: Software, Touch Screen, Vision, Height Sensor Kit
TSR-STVKIT: Software, Touch Screen, Vision Kit
TSR-STHKIT: Software, Touch Screen, Height Sensor Kit
TSR-SVKIT: Software, Vision Kit
TSR-SHKIT: Software, Height Sensor Kit
TSR-SKIT: Software Kit

The TSR2000 series smart dispensing robot is designed specifically for precise fluid dispensing applications and it is compatible with all valve types and controllers. The user-friendly smart PC-based software makes the robot easy to program and simple to operate.

Smart features include intuitive software with touch screen programing capability and CAD/DXF file import. The vision system allows the robot to automatically correct part misalignment and shorten programing time via its pattern recognition feature. The laser height sensor allows the robot to automatically adjust Z height to compensate for both surface height changes and part variation.

From a general assembly manufacturer looking to automate an existing dispensing application to an engineer designing a production process from the very beginning, Techcon Systems dispensing robots offer unsurpassed value in automated precision fluid dispensing.

Key Features and Benefits:
Friendly User Interface
PC based software
Touch screen programming

Smart Vision
CMOS color camera
Automatic alignment
Pattern Recognition

Laser Height Sensor
Pinpoint accuracy with integrated laser height sensing
Detects variations on the surface of a product and automatically adjusts the tip dispensing height
Prevents uneven deposits and tip or workpiece damage.

Adhesive Dispensing Ltd provide a wide range of equipment options for dispensing almost all assembly fluids - from watery liquids, solvents, primers and activators through to thick pastes, sealants, silicones, gels and epoxies.

Smart Robot
Upgrade Kit
For TSR series robots only. Software PC, Touch Screen, Vision, Height Sensor Kit Ships in around 2-3 Weeks   each
Smart Robot
Upgrade Kit
For TSR series robots only. Software PC, Touch Screen, Vision Kit Ships in around 2-3 Weeks   each
Smart Robot
Upgrade Kit
For TSR series robots only. Software PC, Touch Screen, Height Sensor Kit Ships in around 2-3 Weeks   each
Smart Robot
Upgrade Kit
For TSR series robots only. Software PC, Vision Kit  Ships in around 2-3 Weeks   each
Smart Robot
Upgrade Kit
For TSR series robots only. Software PC, Height Sensor Kit Ships in around 2-3 Weeks   each
Smart Robot
Upgrade Kit
For TSR series robots only. Software PC Kit Only Ships in around 2-3 Weeks   each
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